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Media Release – Response to indefinite closure of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Media Release – Response to indefinite closure of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley


8 June 2023  

Response to indefinite closure of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

The Wolgan Valley Association expresses deep sadness and concern over the indefinite closure of the Emirates One&Only Resort in the Wolgan Valley. This news comes as a significant blow to the Wolgan Valley and greater Lithgow community, and our thoughts go out to all the staff and individuals who have dedicated their efforts to keeping the resort operational under extremely challenging circumstances.

The closure of the resort underscores the ongoing difficulties faced by Wolgan Valley residents and businesses due to limited access conditions over the past seven months. Access limitations, including restricted hours for Donkey Steps, restricted vehicle access requiring four-wheel drives, limited heavy vehicle movement, and the need for property holders to escort visitors and supplies into the valley, have proven impractical for many businesses to operate effectively, or at all.

While we appreciate the funding allocated for a new permanent access road, we stress that its implementation is still years away. The interim solution provided by the Donkey Steps access road falls short in ensuring the survival of businesses within the valley. Without adequate road infrastructure, the region’s visitor economy remains hindered, unable to reach its full potential and access various tourism markets crucial for the sustainable development of Wolgan Valley and the Seven Valleys destination.

The Wolgan Valley Association is actively engaging with relevant authorities in advocating for urgent action to improve interim access to the valley to provide a safe and accessible all-weather road for everyone. We urge all stakeholders to expedite the implementation of processes associated with the completion of a permanent access road, and we urge all levels of government to assist the Wolgan Valley community in the interim with comprehensive and practical solutions that will enable businesses in the valley to thrive while preserving the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.


For media enquiries contact: Wolgan Valley Association Communications Coordinator Kristie Kearney on 0439 464 660 or Wolgan Valley Association President Martin Krogh 0427 867 330 or via email at

The Wolgan Valley Association is a non-profit community organisation by which landholders and residents in the Wolgan Valley can take collective action which they believe is in the best interests of protecting and promoting the natural, scenic, cultural, economic, and social values of the Valley for current and future generations.

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