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Emergency Preparedness & Response Information

Know what to do to prepare your home

Know what to do to prepare your home and family for bushfires, storms and flood in Wolgan Valley, NSW

If bushfires, storms, and floods have taught our community anything, it’s that being prepared and looking out for each other saves lives and property.

Taking steps to prepare for a natural disaster such as bushfire, storms or floods can help you get back to normal much quicker. If you are not prepared, the devastation and financial loss caused by natural disasters can be debilitating and unfortunately long lasting.

Remember, when it comes to natural disasters in particular bushfires and flooding, leaving early is your safest option! If you choose to stay and protect your property, ensure that you follow your respective survival plans.

To find out what actions you can take to prepare and respond to natural disasters, click on anyone of the following links:

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